Our Favourite 5 Photos From the Last 30 Days

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We take quite a few photos when we cover regattas, and sometimes our favourite photos aren’t seen by their owners, but we still love them anyway.  So for a little bit of fun, we thought it would be great to recap every 30 days our top five favourite photos of the month, and why we like them.

#5 – Britannia, Balmain Regatta

To be honest, I can’t tell you what it is about this photo that I like so much, perhaps it’s the concentration of the crew member hiking out of the boat, or perhaps its how close they are to the waterline, or maybe its just their matching bumble bee polos; either way there is something I always find fascinating about these wooden 18 footers.

#4 – Jargon, j24 NSW States Cronulla

I must admit, I love it when things don’t go to plan.  I love this shot of Jargon because it shows the chaos of their spinnaker hoist with the Bowman trying to regain control.

#3 – Waterborne Again, j24 NSW States Cronulla

This photo sums up the conditions for me that day, we have a very small chase boat which sits very close to the waterline.   As we sit and wait for the yachts off of Cronulla Beach the conditions were getting more and more bleak with the swell and wind increasing with every minute.  It got to a point that we couldn’t follow them any further out to sea, and this photo reminds me of the ever-building swell conditions.

#2 – AUS91, Balmain Regatta

There weren’t many mishaps during the Balmain Regatta; However, there was one spinnaker roundup, it’s that moment when things get real that I love to catch and the photo below is an example of that.


#1 – Jargon, j24 NSW States Cronulla

Easily without question, our favourite photo from the last 30-days is this one.  It’s not every day do you see a yacht hoist a spinnaker sideways and actually fill it like it was intentional.  There isn’t much more I can say on this, but its one of those rare type of photos that will only come around so often.


And that’s it for this post,  we’re back on the water tomorrow and will be pointing our camera across Sydney.  Will you make our next list of Top 5?  Think we took a photo that should have made the list?  We’d love to know your favourites.

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