Labour Day Long Weekend Sailing

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So I’ve decided to make this website a little more like Morning Bondi, a blog of nautical photos from my ventures across the seas. All photos I take will be catalogued for download and purchased as per usual but will throw in some more narrative and some variety of photos that are not necessarily just shots of yachts under sail.

I thought I would start with our mini long weekend break up to Pittwater. We left on Saturday morning rather early from our mooring buoy in Drummoyne. There were some near gale winds forecasted, so I wanted to make sure we made it into Broken Bay before it got too wild. After all, most races had been cancelled due to the forecast.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

We left at around 8 am and made it to Barrenjoey about 12:30-1:00pm where I spotted some yachts as we sailed up to Pinta Bay. We arrived hoping to grab a public beehive but with no luck. We decided to drop the hook near the ‘sometimes land’, and we found it somewhat tricky to get the anchor to grab, it took us about six tries (with one being very close (20cms) to hitting bottom).

Yacht passes as we tack into Broken Bay

The anchor finally set and we waited for our friends to finish their journey up from Sydney. They left an hour or so after us and last we heard they had to drop the main and were sailing under jib only. They eventually arrived, and also had trouble anchoring, especially in the tight space with anchor rode so we decided to pull up the hook and move to Refuge Bay where we knew we’d find a free buoy and get a good nights sleep.

Mooring Buoy in America Bay

After some G&T’s we sat and watched the world go by and went to bed. On Sunday we decided to head over to Patonga for some fish and chips. There are around six public moorings in Brisk Bay (Patonga), but we always prefer to anchor. It’s a great spot with substantial holding. We jumped in the tender and headed over to the beach to find that both The Boat Shed and fish shop were closed for renovations; Blasphemy! We went back to the boat cooked lunch and decided to head back to America Bay for the evening.

Monday came around, and the forecast was looking pretty bleak and slow. So we decided to leave early so we could at least make it back in good time, with around 7-8 knots from the NE it was mostly the engine pushing us back. Just before we arrived back into the heads, the wind did get up to 15-18 knots which made gliding through the harbour a breeze.

Spotting yachts as we sail back through Port Jackson

One thing you do notice however after being in flat seas and spending time in Broken Bay is just how rough the harbour can be from all the boat traffic. It’s like sailing through a washing machine. We arrived back on our mooring by 2 pm and put the boat to bed.

I decided this was also a good opportunity to try a new style of video editing I had in my head, so I documented the journey in one quick cut video montage you can enjoy below.,

Until next week.

Spot you on the water.

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