December Top 5

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So, I apologise in advance… it’s Comanche heavy this month – I could have easily made this a top twenty photos but had to think about what photos stood out to me and why.

#5 – Pilgrim Sailing

It was an electric race with a pre-race storm and heavy rains. We ummed and ahhed whether or not to risk our camera gear in the rain as it looked like it wasn’t going to stop. However, we figured by the time we got across the harbour it would have to let up. I am glad we did as the photos from the RANSA twilights were nothing but magical. There was a low-level cloud passing over the harbour, and with some sunlight occasionally moving through gaps in the clouds to light up the boats against the dark contrasting backgrounds. We grabbed this shot of Pilgrim heading up to the top mark, and you can see the low lying cloud and the rest of the fleet in the background.

#4 – Comanche

Comanche put on a display for us out the front of circular quey so we could grab some shots of their mighty vessel in front of Sydney’s iconic landmarks, we love this shot as the boat looks great, and looks mighty in front of the harbour bridge.

#3 – Comanche

Comanche charges back into the harbour riding waves in the process. We love this shot as it shows the pure strength of the boat and how quickly it cuts through the heavy swell.

#2 – Kialoa II

Not much to say on this one, just a beautiful boat training for the Sydney to Hobart.. what caught my eye was how the boat was nicely light by the sun with a moody backdrop. These sort of photos are a photographers dream as they make the subject stand out from the background.

#1- Comanche

What can I say, I love a shot that shows action, the way Comanche was cutting through the waves and the way the water sprayed across the bow was magical.

BONUS SHOT – Comanche

Yes… another Comanche shot. This one is probably more appreciated amongst photography enthusiasts; this is what you call a “decisive moment”, that moment you hope for and plan for but depends on a variety of different moments coming together all at the same moment in time.

As I sat on the bow with my camera locked on to the edge of the cliff, I noticed the waves smashing against the rocks, I hopefully awaited another wave to crash against the rocks just as Comanche passed in the background, and I was greeted with both just in the nick of time.. 2 seconds longer and Comanche would have been too far past the rocks for it to work. (Ideally, I wish the wave came 1 second early, but it is what it is.)

I hope you enjoyed this wrap up of the Top 5 + Bonus shot for this month. Who will it be next month?

Spot you on the water.

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