Commonly Asked Question: How do I download my file?

in How To on December 12, 2018

A common question we get here at spot-a-yacht after a purchase is where my file is? After you’ve gone through the checkout process, and purchased your image you will be able to download your image one of two ways.

1. Purchase Confirmation Page

On the purchase confirmation page, you’ll find a link to your image under the “Product’s Bought” section, and it might not be as obvious at first. The name of your file will appear below the title of your file. It might be a jumble of numbers and letters, or it might say DOWNLOAD HERE. If you click where its highlighted as per the image below this will start the download process.

2. Email Purchase Receipt

Our system will automatically send you an email receipt, within this email receipt will be a link to your downloadable file. It will also appear under the title of your listing and marked in blue. If you click where the blue link as highlighted below this will also initiate the download process of your file.

If you missed step one, and for some reason, you can’t find your order purchase receipt email you can download your files through the purchase history control panel found here:

And if all else fails, please contact us via our contact page and we’ll dig it up for you.

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