Chasing: The Bullet

in Uncategorized on September 15, 2018

After spending the night in Bantry Bay, we were planning our trip back to our mooring in Drummoyne when we received an email from Michael aka The Bullet asking if we were going to be on the water and if we might be able to grab a shot of his yacht and crew.

Michael and I have been trying to align calendars for quite a few weeks, but we never seemed to be out at the same time… until today. Michael has wanted a particular shot for his boardroom for quite some time, the brief was simple, kite in full bloom and snapped slightly from leeward.

We thought why not, and waited around the harbour until the race started at 1 pm. The wind was forecast at 14 knots but was blowing 25-30 knots easily; this was proving to be quite rough while we waited for the race to commence.

Finally, the boats were off, and the fleet came tacking towards us. We hung around Quarantine Bay as the fleet tacked south to make sure we grabbed almost everyone in the fleet. With the conditions as they were, there was no point chasing the fleet up the harbour as we wouldn’t be able to catch them on the engine alone. So, we decided to slowly drift back towards the southern harbour and wait for the kite to be hoisted.

In the distance, we see it, a white kite; Bullets white kite – so we start charging toward them ensuring we stay on the leeward side of the vessel. Michael wanted to fly the sponsored spinnaker but under these conditions (and having already broached from an earlier test run) decided to operate their smaller kite – which probably disqualified these photos from ending up in the boardroom; However, as we met Bullet between the heads we managed to capture a full 180 view of their vessel sailing downwind:

If you like Michael, are looking for “that shot” for your boardroom, please get in touch, and we’ll keep a unique eye out for you and your crew.



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