Chasing Comanche

in News on December 10, 2018
Comanche 2018 Sydney Harbour

The yacht photography industry is a robust industry to crack into, especially from someone who only started his yachting career in the last four years, my little black book of contacts was empty when we began spot-a-yacht.

So, instead of getting asked to shoot for a club or a yacht (and being told by so many clubs they already had photographers), we decided we would get out there, and photograph yachts racing or cruising across Sydney Harbour and upload them here for you to enjoy.

We’ve been heavily focused on growing our social media and focusing on capturing a breadth of photos to hone our skills and hopefully catch the eye of our target audience.

We usually focus more on the little guys, but from time to time I point my camera towards the big maxi’s, with no intention of getting their attention, but more so due my fascination with these impressive boats – it’s hard not to be in awe as they sail through the harbour.

However, on Friday I was called up by the Jim Cooney, skipper of Comanche with a request to shoot some shots of the boat & crew during some pre-race training in front of Sydney’s iconic landmarks. And of course, we jumped at the chance.

It was clear blue Saturday morning, Comanche hoisted her sails just off Cremorne Point.  She then proceeded to do two laps past Sydney’s iconic landmarks, whilst we zipped around following this impressive yacht, taking photos of all its glorious angles. 

We usually shoot with one zoom lens that generally covers the smaller yachts without too much fuss, but because of the sheer size of Comanche and wanting a breadth of photos, I was changing lenses franticly, as they zipped around the Quey.

After the spectacular display in front of Circular Quey, Comanche was off towards the heads. We gave chase in our tiny boat that can easily do 30 knots on a calm day. However that day we found it extremely challenging to keep up with Comanche, trying to cut them off in the middle of each tack.

There was quite a lot of chop and a robust northeaster which slowed us down. Our small boat is very unstable compared to our yacht, which meant every time a shot was lined up we needed to slam on the breaks to be able to capture it.  Which also meant Comanche would charge onwards and we’d be flooring the boat to catch up again.

We finally make it the heads with Comanche, and this is as far as we’ll go today as we watch them head out into the Pacific. 

We should have some more opportunities to shoot with Comanche in the coming weeks, and we are super excited to share some more photos with you soon.

If you’d like us to chase you around the harbour as we’ve done for Comanche, please get in touch.

Until next time, spot you on the water.

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