Beautiful shots of your yacht under sail

Founded in 2016, Spot-A-Yacht Photography was established to capture yachts both racing and cruising Australia wide. We’re based mostly in Sydney but like to capture new photos of boats every time we hit the water, which is weekly.

The model is pretty simple, we hit the water, capture a photo of your boat under sail and catalogue the vessel on our website by sail number, boat name or both!

Comanche- 2018 Sydney to Hobart

Over the years our photos have featured several times on the cover of Afloat Magazine, as well as in the book Sail Like a Pro. We’ve sponsored both the 50th Admirals Cup as well as the annual J24 Regatta held in Cronulla.

We’ve also been lucky enough to be commissioned by Comanche to capture some iconic shots across the harbour before the 2018 Sydney to Hobart Yacht race.

About the photographer

Benjamin Williams is the man behind all the photos you’ll find on Spot-A-Yacht he is a professional photographer by trade photographing a vast range of different projects both commercially and out of mere passion. He is an avid sailor and has been sailing for five+ years, once he got on the water he decided to combine his love of sailing and his passion for still imagery to form what is now known as Spot-A-Yacht Photography.